“Robert has an amazing capacity to get professionals to think differently about their circumstances and help them realize success as it relates to their values.”

Abigail Hurlburt, CFP, RICP
Partner, Summit Wealth Group

Robert Presenting at NEHRA

Robert Presenting at NEHRA

Capturing the Diversity Dividend: The Impact of Better Prepared, Better Equipped White Men

Focus on Empowerment with Carole Copeland Thomas <br>(Special Guest: Robert Principe)

Focus on Empowerment with Carole Copeland Thomas
(Special Guest: Robert Principe)

Robert Principe knows the challenges we face and what’s needed to recruit more what men as allies in the D&I arena. He’s a veteran diversity practitioner and will walk us through the steps necessary to align white men with diversity and inclusion in a way that is helpful, encouraging and proactive.

Being an Ally: Good Work for White Men
10 Steps to Becoming a Better Ally for Diversity and Inclusion


"In Studio" with Host Janine Fondon

The program discusses many of the hot topics we continue to wrestle with in life as well as shares the diversity and inclusion work of two people – Robert Principe and Kaolin. Together, we stress the importance of inclusion in a world of difference, change and uncertainty.

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@MariaReports Artists are change agents. Provide us w/fresh ideas on old quandaries e.g. racial equity, gentrification, gender identity. Those ideas then shape culture. Culture forms public attitudes. Public attitudes mold our policy/legislation. Powerful! https://t.co/EMwHJ1fesO