Robert has been instrumental in helping me recognize my core values and applying them in my career. He has me thinking differently about how I communicate and combat the challenges in a male dominated workplace and career. He has me thinking outside of my comfort zone and I affectionately call it my “Business Therapy.” Thank you Robert!
Courtney McGuire
Account Manager
TomTom International

Using the 10 Principles for Value-based Decision Making as a centerpiece of the process, I provide life and professional and career coaching for individuals and for groups. The focus of this intervention is to support you to:

  • Get beyond personal, professional, even organizational challenges and “roadblocks” – situations or relationships that repeatedly produce the same disappointing, frustrating results.
  • Develop an ability to access the important information that emotional honesty and emotional literacy can provide, and to leverage this information to create the change you desire.
  • Recognize the conscious and unconscious biases that many times negatively influence the decisions and choices people make on a daily basis. Intentionally questioning this “misinformation” can strengthen communication and help build more effective working relationships, especially in our increasingly diverse, multi-generational workforce.
  • Access “clearer” thinking even in the face of personal, professional and organizational challenges and roadblocks. Yes – clearer thinking that can lead to better choices, smarter behavior, more effective leadership, and in the end, enable you to make stronger value-based decisions.


I have heard Robert speak to senior HR executives on the topic of how organizations can effectively position the work of diversity and inclusion as a core element of their ability to remain innovative and competitive. His passion for the work and his expertise on the subject is highly informative and engaging.
Joe Maressa, CMF
Vice President
FS&F/OI Partners, Inc.

The experience and expertise I gained from a combined 13 years “in house” as a Diversity & Inclusion Manager has enabled me to work effectively with companies and organizations on the full range of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives:

  • Designing and facilitating dynamic anti-bias training programs to enhance the effectiveness of managers and workplace teams.
  • Strengthening communication and cultural competency to positively affect team building, productivity, service, and care.
  • Supporting organizations in their efforts to recruit, retain, and leverage diverse talent for the greatest creativity, and to drive innovation.
  • Administering the systems assessment process that produces specific D&I related data to focus strategic planning, leadership coaching, and innovations in curriculum design and development.

The list of the recent companies and organizations I have worked with includes Aflac, Alzheimer’s Association, American Institutes for Research (AIR), Amherst Regional Public Schools, Big Sister Boston, EMC Corporation, Ferris State University, Lowell Community Public Charter School, Planned Parenthood League of MA, Rivier University, University of Denver, and Xerox Corporation.

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