I take great pride in my ability to work both effectively and supportively with organizations and their people. Receiving feedback like the following regarding my work is very meaningful to me.

“Robert has an amazing capacity to get professionals to think differently about their circumstances and help them realize success as it relates to their values.”

Abigail Hurlburt, CFP, RICP
Summit Wealth Group

When Robert walks into a room, he brings a depth of experience, an eye for the subtleties of human behavior and a keen awareness of the impact of diversity in teams and organizations. He fully recognizes and takes responsibility for the impact of his own race and gender and consistently uses it to elevate others as an ally and an advocate. He is not afraid to hold leaders accountable for their own behavior. Robert is a creative and strategic thinker. He is unapologetically passionate about his work, and the icing on the cake…he does it all with humor and empathy!

Suzanne Wilkins
Frazier Wilkins Associates

Robert has a depth of understanding of the many dimensions and complexities of racial inequity and more broadly, issues of diversity and inclusion. Yet his approach is grounded in a humble recognition of how much he still has to learn, even after 20-plus years of doing this work! As my coach, whether Robert is challenging or encouraging me, never do I experience anything but his heart, care and wisdom.

Bob Voss, PhD
Change Leadership Expert
Growth River Management Consulting

“Robert has been instrumental in helping me recognize my core values and applying them in my career. He has me thinking differently about how I communicate and combat the challenges in a male dominated workplace and career. He has me thinking outside of my comfort zone and I affectionately call it my “Business Therapy.” Thank you Robert!”

Courtney McGuire
Account Manager
TomTom International

“I have heard Robert speak to senior HR executives on the topic of how organizations can effectively position the work of diversity and inclusion as a core element of their ability to remain innovative and competitive. His passion for the work and his expertise on the subject is highly informative and engaging.”

Joe Maressa, CMF
Vice President
FS&F/OI Partners, Inc.

“Robert Principe has deep knowledge about issues of diversity, inclusion, recruitment, and retention; this enables him to successfully manage diverse talent, communicate effectively across lines of difference, and develop multiculturally-sound organizations. He also has a keen ability to engage both adults and students in critical conversations about challenging and often sensitive issues through 1:1 conversations as well as group trainings. This is no small task, but Robert does it very effectively. People listen, and are inspired by his passion and expertise.”

Meredith Mira
Senior Associate Director, Office of Career Strategy, Yale University

“Leveraging the creativity and innovation of diverse talent has never been more important to the bottom-line success of organizations. Smart companies and organization know this. The Wall Street Journal reports that about 60% of Fortune 500 companies now have an executive role designated for diversity. Robert Principe has a strong skill set related to assessing and improving workplace climate and culture, and strengthening the hiring and retention of diverse talent. He can help any organization that wants to get into the specifics of this important work.”

Warren Reid
Founder & CEO,
NEMNET Minority Recruitment

“Robert Principe has extensive management experience and keen interpersonal skills. He knows how to build relationships and buy-in that support true institutional change. His talent includes the ability to reveal, assess, and transform elements in the workplace that might not be very inviting, understanding nor accepting of people from different backgrounds and realities. Robert is passionate about his work and walks his talk. I have never collaborated with a more thoughtful, intelligent, hard-working, open-minded professional. I am profoundly grateful for his presence in the world.”

Mary Ni, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
Salem State University

“I have followed Robert’s work closely over the years. He has a very broad-based understanding of how organizations work related to issues of diversity and inclusion, recruitment, retention and management of diverse talent, and strengthening communication and cultural competency to positively affect team building, productivity and service. Robert has a great deal of passion and energy for what he does, and I do not hesitate to recommend him as a consultant or trainer to any organization wanting to make real improvements in any of these areas!”

Maurice B. Wright
Former Special Assistant to the General Manager, Employee Relations Department
Massachusetts Department of Transportation

“Organizations that work proactively to create and safeguard a culture of inclusion and respect reap the benefits of stronger employee engagement, and team effectiveness, innovation and productivity. Robert Principe draws on his years of experience managing issues of diversity and inclusion in the workplace to help organizations approach this important work strategically and unpack the complexities and challenges of sustaining these efforts over time.”

Mable Millner
Associate Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion
College of the Holy Cross

“Robert was recommended to us because of his experience and expertise related to issues of diversity and inclusion in school and work environments. Following initial planning meetings, he designed trainings for multiple constituencies within our community including teachers, parents, and our Board of Trustees. He turned out to be exactly what this organization needed to kick-start an effort to further integrate issues of diversity and social justice into the learning culture of the entire school community.”

Donna Milani Luther
Head of School
Inly School